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Solido Success Story BullitEvery Step of the Way
Solido Image: Story_File_Beforeee60d4.jpg Solido Story Arrow Solido Image: Story_File_After_11_21_2007_6_07_49_PM.jpg
Objective: Design a hand-held medical laser system from concept to final assembly test. Solution: Create models at every stage using the SD300 printer where the customer can evaluate ergonomic design, final concept and functional testing.

Solido Success Story BullitCost Cutter
Solido Image: Story_File_Before_12_12_2007_4_21_02_PM.jpg Solido Story Arrow Solido Image: Story_File_After_12_12_2007_4_21_02_PM.jpg
Objective: Make a large-scale copy of a small cutting tool for exhibition to customers. Solution: Print out the intricate tool using the precise SD300

Solido Success Story BullitPart of your World
Solido Image: Story_File_Before_12_12_2007_4_41_24_PM.jpg Solido Story Arrow Solido Image: Story_File_After_12_12_2007_4_41_24_PM.jpg
Objective: Create a prototype part to check the design and functionality of the company product before creating a mold and going to production. Solution: Use the SD300 to print out the part.

Solido Success Story BullitThe Bicycle Story
Solido Image: Story_File_Before_12_12_2007_4_43_35_PM.jpg Solido Story Arrow Solido Image: Story_File_After_12_12_2007_4_43_35_PM.jpg
Objective: Make a true scale model of a folding bicycle for design testing. Solution: Print out the entire bicycle part by part using the SD300 printer.

Solido Success Story BullitPlease Take a Seat
Solido Image: Story_File_Before_6_22_2009_4_52_50_PM.jpg Solido Story Arrow Solido Image: Story_File_After_6_22_2009_4_52_50_PM.jpg
Objective: Create a new chair for an upcoming furniture exhibition Solution: The SD300 printer is used to print out a functional scale model quickly and inexpensively

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