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Board of Directors
Jason Barzilay- CEO and Founder, ArgoQuest

A seasoned high-tech executive, Jason Barzilay has been involved in technology companies in the U.S. and abroad since 1978. Mr. Barzilay founded his first U.S. Company, UJI Supply in 1978 and shortly thereafter, Cal-Circuit Abco, Inc., which soon became the largest independent distributor of computer memory chips in the North America, reaching a revenue run-rate of more than $500 million per year. In 1986 Mr. Barzilay cofounded Packard Bell, Inc., a manufacturer of personal home computers, which grew to become the leading seller of consumer PCs until its acquisition by Japanese NEC in 1998. In 1993 Mr. Barzilay also cofounded Reveal, Inc., a distributor of computer peripherals and upgrades. In 1996, he founded ArgoQuest, realizing his life-long vision of simplifying the computing experience and enhancing communications. In the course of his rich career, Mr. Barzilay spent many years in the Far East and throughout the U.S. Mr. Barzilay holds a BA in Marketing from California State University in Northridge.

Nir Cohen, Managing Director, ArgoQuest

Mr. Cohen joined ArgoQuest in early 2000 and today is responsible for ArgoQuest’s financial, legal and administrative affairs. Previously he served as Senior Associate with Kesselman & Kesselman, of the PricewaterhouseCoopers group, where he was responsible for leading the audit teams for several major companies. Mr. Cohen holds a BS in Business with a specialization in Accounting.

Vic Leventhal, Consultant, SW Corporation

Mr. Leventhal has enjoyed a long and illustrious career in the technology sector, and most recently served as Group Executive with Dassaulte Systems, Chief Operating Officer for SolidWorks and CEO of CAD Solutions. Previous to this, he served in numerous senior positions with IBM from 1966-1984 throughout the U.S. Mr. Leventhal holds a BA in Business Administration from the University of Texas.

Scott Harris, Cofounder, SolidWorks

An industry visionary and key thought leader, Mr. Harris led the company that developed products and prototypes that pushed the boundaries of user-interface, surface representations and modeling metaphors. Mr. Harris was responsible for ensuring that SolidWorks software products met the needs of users, helping to create one of the most innovative and successful CAD products ever produced.
Previous to his career with SolidWorks, Mr. Harris led product definition and geometry development teams for 10 years at Computervision, an early pioneer in the CAD industry. He began his career at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, designing analyzing and testing jet engine components, and
developed innovative computer techniques to define and evaluate aerodynamic surfaces for jet engine nacelles.
An avid advocate for social action, Mr. Harris works tirelessly to promote education, engineering and entrepreneurism in developing countries, and mentors engineering, business and design students at MIT and RISD. Mr. Harris is a co-founder of Team SolidWorks, a cycling organization that has raised millions of dollars for cancer research.
Mr. Harris holds a BSME from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and has published extensively on geometric modeling. He holds a patent in surface modeling geometry.

Rafael Aravot, Cofounder, and CEO, Intelitek Inc
Mr. Aravot confounded Intelitek, and serves as its CEO and Chairman. He was also a cofounder and director of YET, established in 1996, as well as a jointly owned company with Yaskawa Electric Corporation (YEC), whose shares are traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. YEC bought full ownership in YET in 2008. Mr. Aravot holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA.
Noam Kraoz, Cofounder and Managing Director, Intelitek Inc
Mr. Kraoz is a cofounder and of Intelitek Inc., and serves as a Managing Director responsible for all sales and marketing. Intelitek is a developer and producer of the training solutions in the field of Production Technologies, such as CNC machines, Robots, FMS and CIM systems. Mr. Kraoz holds a degree in Pharmacy.
Yossi Ashkenazi

Mr. Ashkenazi is a seasoned executive, and serves as CEO and owner of Dakrim Ltd. and Rational System Ltd., large metal and plastic industrial companies.
Mr. Ashkenazi holds a BA in Economics and Political Science and an MBA from the College of Management.

Avner Raanan

Mr. Raanan is an experienced venture capital and management expert, with vast technical experience in venture capital investments, business consulting, managing multi-million dollar projects, developing airborne electronic warfare systems and air to air missiles. As founder of Avnan Enterprises Ltd., Mr. Raanan is involved in early stage investment in promising startup companies.
Mr. Raanan is currently working for his PhD degree. He holds a MSc in Business Administration and a BSc in Electronic and Computer Engineering.